Here’s How to Ease Toothache

If you suffer from toothache then there may only be two reasons. First, a cavity compromises the inside of the tooth and exposes a nerve ending before it is dead or second, the fibers holding your tooth in its socket become infected (called an abscess). To help you ease the pain, there are steps you can do. Here are them!

1. Take some pain killer. Just a few reminders, it is not allowed to consume alcohol while taking any pain killers.

2. Buy some clove bud and cotton swabs, and apply it directly to the painful area as well as around it. Using clove bud several times a day or for months may cause permanent nerve damage.

3. Take a sip of the Listerine and hold it in the affected region for two minutes. Do this at least every ½ hour to an hour.

4. Try some other method like gargling salty water. It can help prevent infection.

5. If the pain is severe, better consult your dentist. You might have a very sensitive teeth that needs a special toothpaste and special attention.