Do’s and Don’t’s for Natural Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a dazzling white smile. Pearly whites are a sign of excellent dental hygiene and over-all aesthetic appeal on small__225634593ads and different forms of media. This is why many TV and movie stars have their teeth bleached. However, bleaching one’s teeth can make them extra sensitive, and may even damage the protective and vital enamel around each tooth.

If you’re not one for bleaching your teeth, you can always do it the slow and natural approach. If you brush and floss your teeth daily, you already have a great advantage with keeping your teeth healthy and white. Make it a habit to eat crisp and crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, and celery. The fiber in these fruits and vegetable act like Mother Nature’s toothbrush, as the can scrub off whatever stains are on your teeth. Keep away from tooth products with baking soda in them, as the baking soda may prove too abrasive for your teeth,

photo credit: shoothead via photopin cc