Filled Those Gaps

Many people worry that if they lose a tooth, they are going to have an imperfect smile for the rest of their life and the gap of their teeth would be forever on their smile- False! With the advancement of technology, you can have a good looking smile back again and fill those gaps with a real looking tooth. Listed below are some of the best options you can try.

One of the most affordable solutions to your problem is by using Flipper. The flipper has a tooth that is built onto a device that is similar to a retainer but there is no bar. With Flipper, your missing tooth can be easily replaced. This thing does not hurt to get, and just like a retainer it can be removed if you feel comfortable wearing it at night.

Another option is the dental implant. This procedure is a bit pricier, but you can be assured that you get the natural look and smile as possible. Dental implant comes with an operation and healing may takes few weeks.

A bridge is the final option in repairing your smile. This remedy is usually offered to those who lost more than one tooth. A small bar is placed from one side of the roof of the mouth to the other. Teeth are attached to the small bar and then it is attached to your teeth that are still in your mouth. This allows the new teeth to stay in place, regardless of what you are doing.

There you have it! Whatever option you choose, getting your beautiful smile back again would not be difficult as you think. Visit your dentist now and ask what’s best for you!