Filled Those Gaps

Many people worry that if they lose a tooth, they are going to have an imperfect smile for the rest of their life and the gap of their teeth would be forever on their smile- False! With the advancement of technology, you can have a good looking smile back again and fill those gaps with a real looking tooth. Listed below are some of the best options you can try.

One of the most affordable solutions to your problem is by using Flipper. The flipper has a tooth that is built onto a device that is similar to a retainer but there is no bar. With Flipper, your missing tooth can be easily replaced. This thing does not hurt to get, and just like a retainer it can be removed if you feel comfortable wearing it at night.

Another option is the dental implant. This procedure is a bit pricier, but you can be assured that you get the natural look and smile as possible. Dental implant comes with an operation and healing may takes few weeks.

A bridge is the final option in repairing your smile. This remedy is usually offered to those who lost more than one tooth. A small bar is placed from one side of the roof of the mouth to the other. Teeth are attached to the small bar and then it is attached to your teeth that are still in your mouth. This allows the new teeth to stay in place, regardless of what you are doing.

There you have it! Whatever option you choose, getting your beautiful smile back again would not be difficult as you think. Visit your dentist now and ask what’s best for you!

Here’s How to Ease Toothache

If you suffer from toothache then there may only be two reasons. First, a cavity compromises the inside of the tooth and exposes a nerve ending before it is dead or second, the fibers holding your tooth in its socket become infected (called an abscess). To help you ease the pain, there are steps you can do. Here are them!

1. Take some pain killer. Just a few reminders, it is not allowed to consume alcohol while taking any pain killers.

2. Buy some clove bud and cotton swabs, and apply it directly to the painful area as well as around it. Using clove bud several times a day or for months may cause permanent nerve damage.

3. Take a sip of the Listerine and hold it in the affected region for two minutes. Do this at least every ½ hour to an hour.

4. Try some other method like gargling salty water. It can help prevent infection.

5. If the pain is severe, better consult your dentist. You might have a very sensitive teeth that needs a special toothpaste and special attention.

Do’s and Don’t’s for Natural Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a dazzling white smile. Pearly whites are a sign of excellent dental hygiene and over-all aesthetic appeal on small__225634593ads and different forms of media. This is why many TV and movie stars have their teeth bleached. However, bleaching one’s teeth can make them extra sensitive, and may even damage the protective and vital enamel around each tooth.

If you’re not one for bleaching your teeth, you can always do it the slow and natural approach. If you brush and floss your teeth daily, you already have a great advantage with keeping your teeth healthy and white. Make it a habit to eat crisp and crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, and celery. The fiber in these fruits and vegetable act like Mother Nature’s toothbrush, as the can scrub off whatever stains are on your teeth. Keep away from tooth products with baking soda in them, as the baking soda may prove too abrasive for your teeth,

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Licorice in Toothpaste

medium_52661498It’s dark! It’s tasty! It’s a little yummy! Licorice has become one of the biggest choices of toothpaste flavors and components for as long as dental care has been around. The extract of this humble root not only makes for a popular sweet, but also has its own special cavity-fighting properties.

We have the ancient Chinese to thank for in this regard. In the anecdotes of traditional Chinese medicine, records have shown that licorice not only helps combat oral and dental diseases, but also helps the healing attributes of other herbs become more efficacious.

Modern medicine now reveals there is a deep-set truth to these ancient observations. The chemical components in licorice, namely licoricidin and licorisoflavadan A, fight oral bacteria that causes caries and gum disease. At present, some licorice toothpastes are simply flavored with anise oil, so it would be best to check the labels carefully to make sure you get the right stuff.

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The Perfect Mouthwash For Your Dental Care

You don’t need to learn Thai, Filipino, Mandarin or any language just to learn that Mouthwash can play a big role in keeping a good dental hygiene. You don’t even need to consult a dentist just to know if this fact is true. Yes… brushing alone is not enough and you have to include rinsing a mouthwash in your daily dental routine as it will not only give you a fresh breath, but it will also provide you a better feeling of being away from bacteria and other mouth problems.

There are lots of mouthwash that is available on the market today, and sometimes choosing which one becomes daunting. Let me give you some tips that can help you in picking the perfect Mouthwash to use.

• Choose a mouthwash depending on your needs; it can be a mouthwash that can freshen you up for even up to few hours or a mouthwash that can release all the bad morning breath when you wake up in the morning.

• Choose a mouthwash that will suit your taste. Most mouthwash are available in many different flavors- Mint, Cinnamon Blends, Phenolic types and so much more.

• Consider the amount of alcohol present in the solution. Opt for alcohol- free most especially if there will be kids using it.

• Mouthwash that contains aloe vera and chamomile are a great choice for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

• Find a mouthwash that contains anti-plaque ingredients to keep your teeth away from plaque buildup.

• Ask a doctor’s opinion of which mouthwash best to use, or read reviews about the mouthwash you are planning to buy prior purchasing.

Steps to Relieving Sensitive Teeth

Are your teeth overly-sensitive? Is ice cream or hot soup enough to send you wincing in pain? Does sour chewing gum make you feel a small__7558867436sharp pain in your teeth? You are not alone. Many people the world over are wincing along with you in their toothsome woes.

The good news is this: sensitive teeth are something that can be treated, and with the right steps, can vanish in a few weeks or months. Weeks or months may seem like a long time, but it will all be worth it in the end.

First, start using desensitizing toothpaste and fluoride washes. As the name implies, desensitizing toothpaste can help ease the pain (if not numb it), and let you enjoy your cold and hot foods with no worries. Flouride washes can help strengthen and nourish the enamel of your teeth to help protect the Dentin inside. Cut back on sweets and sodas, as these can encourage bacteria to eat away at your enamel, exposing your Dentin further.

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Caries – Real Horrorshow!

See that picture? Look at it. Look at it real long, and real hard. You see that? That horrible dark brown pit just staring out at you from that extracted molar? That, dear reader, is the ugly, ugly face of Caries, or dental cavities.

Okay. You can stop looking now. That picture’s going to give the both of us nightmares. Not pretty.

So, what exactly causes tooth decay? There are four basic players to create this crime scene: a nice dental surface, bacteria waiting to breed, a fermentable carbohydrate, and time. Picture this: You love eating, but not so much brushing your teeth or flossing. Food particles get stuck on the surface and around the corners of your teeth, and bacteria in your mouth cry “food!” in elation. They gleefully eat away at these food particles, and in effect, eat away at your tooth surface. The eating goes deeper and deeper, boring a hole into your tooth. The bacteria hit a sensitive nerve, and bam – you finally realize you have tooth decay.

In cases like these, not even the saliva-generating abilities of chewing gum can save you. Take yourself to your dentist, and he or she will clean your tooth up and seal it in right away. Oh, and next time, do make it a habit to brush your teeth.

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Dental Implants in Ancient Civilization

The ancient Mayans may indeed have been the very first people to have used dental implants long before Western civilization. Evidence was accidentally discovered by archaeologists excavating in the Honduras in 1931. They found a jaw fragment of Mayan origin. The jaw belonged to a woman in her twenties, and dated all the way back to 600 AD. What astonished the archaeologists was that there were three tooth-shaped pieces of shell placed into the sockets of where three of her lower incisors should be.

This puzzled the scientists further. Why such a procedure in such a primitive time? Perhaps the shell-shaped implants were a sign of the deceased’s wealth or power, or perhaps it was a way to ensure the person’s soul would be presentable and pleasing to the gods in the afterlife. It was believed that the implants were placed after death for forty years after the discovery.

However, a combination of dentistry and archaeology were to solve this mystery and clear all doubt. In the 1970’s a Brazilian dental professor studied the mandible and took radiographs of it. From his careful observation, he concluded that the implants were not fixed onto the jaw in death, but were actually implanted while the owner of the jaw was still alive. It has been at last proven that the ancient world also practiced dentistry.

Milk Teeth Traditions All Around The World

Congratulations! Your child’s milk tooth has been wiggling here and there for days on end, been tugged at by your child with a bit of dental floss tied ’round it, and at last, it’s come loose! Hurrah!

Most families will encourage the child to put the loose tooth beneath his or her pillow for the tooth fairy to swap with a bit of money. However, have you ever wondered about the milk tooth traditions of other countries?

In many countries all over the world, the humble mouse is a character as popular as the tooth fair herself. The French and Belgians call him petite souris, the Italians call him topino, while the Spanish have conjured him to become a full-fledged character called Ratoncito Perez. Lowland Scotland paints a dainty picture of the mouse – they see him as a white fairy mouse, paying for the teeth with coins.

In Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines, the fallen tooth is meant to be thrown above the roof of the house while imploring the mouse for a new tooth as strong as his. This perhaps comes from the thought that mice’s teeth are so strong that they last them for the rest of their lives. 

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Dental Insurance For Individuals – A Must Have?

Even in today’s enlightened employment environment, some people still have to go it alone for their dental insurance package. There are compelling reasons why it is a wise step for you to take.

You see, whilst dental services are pretty expensive at the best of times, if you are paying as you go along, it’s an easy temptation when you have other apparent priorities coming at your finances from all angles, to miss dental treatment out.

And that’s when it gets even trickier, because when you don’t have regular treatment that the option of ongoing dental insurance For individuals enables, you end up needing emergency treatment. And, because it’s unplanned, that gets costly.

That’s why dental insurance is not a luxury anymore. In fact it’s a less costly expenditure when you pay a regular amount than it would be if you were on a ‘pay as you go’ scheme. When it’s time to pay up for your vacation, or your vehicle is in the shop for urgent repairs, you just know where your priorities will lie.

And that’s where you will make the call to the dentists office and cancel your regular checkup. Then of course, next month will be the same and the problems will pile up.

Look, dental insurance for individuals can vary a lot in costs, so it will pay to shop around. And it’s important to realize that there are a number of providers in most countries who have proven track records for good value as well as quality of service.

Often you will need to think whether you want a full dental insurance package or one that takes some of the edge off the costs, which can be a great solution for those who don’t want to go the whole way.

It can give great peace of mind when you know that you don’t need a whole plan and you still have some concerns about unexpected costs coming at just the wrong time.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if your employers doesn’t have a free plan, they may use their own buying power to help you pay less, so it’s always worth checking what they offer, even if it isn’t in your employee package.

The truth of the matter is that many people would feel a whole lot better from a good value ‘dental insurance for individuals’ package with a reputable track record so they can sleep well at night, in the knowledge that they are covered for events that might come without warning.